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Congratulations to all 2017 graduates!
A special mention goes to Taneisha Deans.  She is one of our first Envoy graduates and is now our first Envoy-PhD graduate.  Taneisha earned her doctoral degree in Macromolecular Science & Engineering this spring.  Read more here.



Welcome to the Center for Layered Polymeric Systems

CLiPS – is the National Science Foundation’s Science & Technology Center for Layered Polymeric Systems brings together scientists and engineers who are working at the leading edge of polymer research. Within the Center structure these researchers are defining and characterizing new materials and phenomena, and developing new solutions to our nation’s needs in areas such as energy, environment, and advanced optics. CLiPS’s education programs are integrated with the center’s research. Organized as layered research teams, education programs in CLiPS encompass graduate students and post-doctoral associates, undergraduate students, high school students in the Envoys Program, and pre-high school outreach. CLiPS is headquartered at Case Western Reserve University and is in partnership with the University of Texas, Fisk University, the University of Southern Mississippi, Northwestern University, the Naval Research Laboratory, Kent State University, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and six affiliated schools.


The Center will be a national resource for research and innovation at the crossroads of polymer science and engineering (“polymers plus”), and for education of a diverse American workforce that can meet the challenges of the emerging multidisciplinary polymer-based technologies.


The Center will pursue an integrated program of research, innovation and education through the vehicle of a unique multilayering process technology at Case Western Reserve University. 

The enabling technology will be a platform for advancing the nation’s science and technology agenda through development of new materials and materials systems, and for educating a diverse American workforce through interdisciplinary education programs.