Prof. Eric Baer Receives the Paul J. Flory Research Award

Eric Baer, Distinguished University Professor and Herbert Henry Dow Professor of Science and Engineering, has been awarded the Paul J. Flory Polymer Research Prize. This award was given at POLYCHAR22, the World Forum on Advanced Materials. This international conference was held this year in Stellenbosch, South Africa on April 7-11, 2014. Professor Baer’s keynote address was entitled, “New Nanofiber and Nanolayer Systems by Forced Assembly.”

The Paul J. Flory PolymStellenboschviewer Research Prize was presented to Baer for his extraordinary contributions to polymer science and engineering. The prize is named for Paul J. Flory, an American chemist and Nobel laureate who worked in the fields of polymers and macromolecules. Flory’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1974, cited his fundamental achievements, both theoretical and experimental, in the physical chemistry of macromolecules.

POLYCHAR is the annual conference of the World Forum on Advanced Polymers and BaerMaterials, sponsored by IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. This conference provides an international forum for new discoveries, research collaboration and networking, and dissemination of most recent scientific advances.

Baer is a previous recipient of the Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award given by the American Chemical Society to recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding achievements by an individual or team in promoting undergraduate and/or graduate polymer education.