1. Dr. Natalie Arnett Selected for Prestigious Five Year NSF Career Award

    March 9, 2015


    The Division of Materials Research at the National Science Foundation (NSF) has selected Dr. Natalie Arnett for a five-year CAREER award.  Her project, “SusChEM:  Synthesis and Characterization of Disulfonated Poly (arylene ether sulfone 2, 4, 6-Trichloro-1, 3, 5-triazine) Hybrid Copolymers” will support research for developing novel membrane materials for fuel cell applications and the integration of this research into polymer education through appropriate courses and laboratory experiences.

    The NSF CAREER Award Program is NSF’s premier program in the the nation emphasizing the importance that NSF places on the early development of academic careers dedicated to stimulating the discovery process in which the excitement of research is enhanced by inspired teaching and enthusiastic learning.  The award is expected to total $547,465.  Dr. Arnett will design the “Introduction to Polymer Chemistry:  General chemistry Concepts” lecture and lab, a new course for freshman students at Fisk.  The award also includes support for one Fisk chemistry graduate student to participate in research.

    Congratulations to Dr. Arnett!

  2. Dr. Sergei Nazarenko Selected for 2014 Innovation Award

    February 19, 2015


    The University Research Council at the University of Southern Mississippi has selected Dr. Sergei Nazarenko as the recipient of the 2014 Innovation Award in the category of Basic Research for his outstanding research achievements.

    Dr. Sergei Nazarenko will receive a medallion and a monetary stipend as part of his award.

    Congratulations to Dr. Nazarenko!


  3. Prof. Eric Baer Receives the Paul J. Flory Research Award

    April 30, 2014

    Eric Baer, Distinguished University Professor and Herbert Henry Dow Professor of Science and Engineering, has been awarded the Paul J. Flory Polymer Research Prize. This award was given at POLYCHAR22, the World Forum on Advanced Materials. This international conference was held this year in Stellenbosch, South Africa on April 7-11, 2014. Professor Baer’s keynote address was entitled, “New Nanofiber and Nanolayer Systems by Forced Assembly.”

    The Paul J. Flory PolymStellenboschviewer Research Prize was presented to Baer for his extraordinary contributions to polymer science and engineering. The prize is named for Paul J. Flory, an American chemist and Nobel laureate who worked in the fields of polymers and macromolecules. Flory’s Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1974, cited his fundamental achievements, both theoretical and experimental, in the physical chemistry of macromolecules.

    POLYCHAR is the annual conference of the World Forum on Advanced Polymers and BaerMaterials, sponsored by IUPAC, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. This conference provides an international forum for new discoveries, research collaboration and networking, and dissemination of most recent scientific advances.

    Baer is a previous recipient of the Paul J. Flory Polymer Education Award given by the American Chemical Society to recognize, encourage, and stimulate outstanding achievements by an individual or team in promoting undergraduate and/or graduate polymer education.



  4. David Schiraldi is given Srinivasa P. Gutti Memorial Award

    April 5, 2014

    Dave Schiraldi

    Congratulations to Dr. David Schiraldi who was award the Srinivasa P. Gutti Memorial Engineering Teaching Award by Tau Beta Pi at Case Western Reserve University.  This award is given for excellence in teaching.

  5. Eric Baer honored by Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society

    March 28, 2014



    Eric Baer, Distinguished University Professor and the Herbert Henry Dow Professor of Science and Engineering, was recognized by the Ohio-Region Section of the American Physical Society with the William Fowler Award for distinguished research in physics.

    The William Fowler Award honors the society’s members who have done outstanding research in the field, and there have been just 12 recipients since the award’s inception 25 years ago.

    Ref: Case Daily

  6. CLiPS Student Recognition Awards

    March 26, 2014

    Congratulations to –

    Matt  Alex   Yin  guojun

    Matthew Herbert, Alex Jordan, Kezhen Yin, and Guojun Zhang, pictured left to right above with Professor LaShanda Korley.

    These four graduate students are the first recipients of the CLiPS Student Recognition Award.  The awards were made at the CLiPS Annual Meeting on March 12, 2014. The award is given to students who exhibit exceptional:

    – Mentoring efforts – to high school or undergraduate students
    – Service to CLiPS and/or the overall organization
    – Research achievement – individual initiative and creativity

    Awards will be made quarterly with nominations accepted on the first of March, June, September and December. All Student Recognition Awards will be formally presented at the CLiPS Annual Meeting. Click here for the CLiPS student recognition award nomination form All nominations should be sent to Prof. LaShanda Korley, Student Recognition Award Chairperson

  7. Benny Freeman Honored as 2014 I&EC Division Fellow

    March 25, 2014

    Benny D. Freeman

    Professor Benny Freeman was honored as the 2014 Fellow of the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society. This honor was presented to him at the Spring meeting of the American Chemical Society.   This award is given to those American Chemical Society members for outstanding work in industry, academia, and government laboratories.  We would like to congratulate Prof. Benny Freeman on this honor!

    You can read more here.


  8. Jie Shan is elected as 2013 Fellow for the American Physical Society

    December 5, 2013

    Jie Shan

    Prof. Jie Shan is elected as 2013 Fellow for the American Physical Society. Congratulations!

  9. Jon Pokorski wins ACS PRF Young Investigator Award

    December 5, 2013

    Jon Pokorski

    Prof. Jon Pokorski wins American Chemical Socity (ACS) Petroleum Research Fund Young Investigator Award.  Congratulations!

  10. Donald Paul given AIChE award

    December 5, 2013

    Donald R. Paul

    Prof. Donald Paul is given the Amierican Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Award for Excellence in Industrial Gases Technology.  Congratulations to Prof. Donald Paul!

  11. Tobin Marks is elected as ACS Fellow

    December 5, 2013

    Tobin Marks

    Prof. Tobin Marks  is elected American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellow for 2013.  Congratulations!

  12. Benny Freeman awarded the Joe J. King Professional Engineering Award

    December 5, 2013


    Benny D. FreemanProfessor Benny Freeman was given the Joe J. King Professional Engineering Award by the University of Texas at Austin.

    Candidates for the award are those faculty of the College with rank of Assistant Professor and above who have shown outstanding leadership in advancing the profession of engineering. 

    Mr. King’s education in engineering (ME ‘25), his years of practice as an engineer, and the rewards he received in his practice left him with an increasingly deep respect for the profession. This respect, along with his love for his alma mater, led him to establish the award. The objective of the award is to recognize a faculty member who has made significant contributions in furthering the profession of engineering.

    You can read more about this award here.

  13. Benny Freeman is given the Clarence (Larry) G. Gerhold Award

    December 5, 2013

    Benny D. Freeman Prof. Benny Freeman, at the Univeristy of Texas in Austin, was awarded the Clarence (Larry) G. Gerhold Award by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) for excellence in research!

    This award is given in recognition of an individual’s outstanding contributions in the area of research, development, and the application of chemical separations technology.

    Congratulations to Prof. Benny Freeman!

    See a list of award winners including Benny Freeman here.  More information about the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) can be found at their website here.

  14. Herman Mark Scholar Award

    October 28, 2013



    Rigoberto Advincula is the recipient of the 2013 Herman Mark Scholar Award of the Polymer Chemistry Division, American Chemical Society. A symposium was held at the Fall 2013 ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis.
  15. Research Experience for Undergraduates

    October 18, 2013

    REU poster

  16. David Schiraldi is honored with the 2013 Case Alumni Award

    September 28, 2013

    Dave Schiraldi

    Prof. David Schiraldi is honored with the 2013 Case Alumni Award.  Congratulations!

    You can read more here.

  17. Santiago Chabrier selected as one of 2013 Senior Standouts!

    July 17, 2013



    One of our Polymer Envoy graduates has received the honor of being selected as one of 2013 Senior Standouts!  You can read more here.

    Santiago was a Polymer Envoy for three years working in Prof. Eric Baer’s laboratory under the mentorship of graduate student, Guojun Zhang.  In the fall of 2013, Santiago joins the freshman class at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU).  He is following in the footsteps of fellow Polymer Envoy alumni, Taneisha Deans, Alexis Crosby, and Terrence Mathis, who also matriculated to CWRU.

  18. NSF Undergraduate Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates

    January 3, 2013


    Click here for more information.

    Deadline for application is February 15, 2013

  19. LaShanda Korley selected to present at Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium

    November 19, 2012

    LaShanda KorleyLaShanda Korley, Nord Distinguished Professor of Macromolecular Science and Engineering, has been selected to attend the 13th Japanese-American Kavli Frontiers of Science symposium.
    LaShanda is one of the outstanding young scientists invited to discuss advances and opportunities in a broad array of disciplines including:  aftermath of disasters, artificial cells and tissues by chemistry, potential replacement of rare earths, and personalized medicine, among the few.  The symposium, sponsored by the US National Academy of Sciences and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science will be held in California at the end of November.

    Great job, LaShanda!

  20. Science Daily features article on human eye inspired GRIN lens.

    November 13, 2012

    Drawing heavily upon nature for inspiration, a team of researchers has created a new artificial lens that is nearly identical to the natural lens of the human eye.

    This innovative lens, which is made up of thousands of nanoscale polymer layers, may one day provide a more natural performance in implantable lenses to replace damaged or diseased human eye lenses, as well as consumer vision products; it also may lead to superior ground and aerial surveillance technology.

    Read this article at the Science Daily.