Education and Outreach

Education at all levels is an important part of CLiPS’s mission. Our goals are to increase zuckermessgerät kaufen and interest in science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) careers, to increase diversity in STEM careers, to increase the public’s scientific literacy, to raise awareness about polymers–their variety and many applications, and to provide training and research opportunities for high school, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and to nurture the careers of junior faculty members anime lamp look at joom. CLiPS’s educational programs represent layered research teams that are interactive, multidisciplinary, and are modeled on the enabling technology.

Coordinating these efforts for CLiPS are:

Dave Schiraldi
Dave Schiraldi

Associate Director for Education and Diversity

Prof. Schiraldi is the Peter A. Asseff, Ph.D. Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Case School of Engineering, and is the Chairman of CWRU’s Department of Macromolecular Science & Engineering. His research interests include: Polymer synthesis and structure-property relationships, Condensation polymers, Polymer nanocomposites, Fuel cell durability, Polymerization catalysis, Transport phenomena and packaging, Polymer blends and complex polymer systems.

Pamela Bligh-GloverPamela Bligh-Glover

Executive Director for Planning & Education

Pamela Bligh Glover manages the education programs for the Center and also oversees CLiPS’s operations. She came to CLiPS from CWRU School of Medicine where she was the Education Director and Program Manager for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Generalist Physician Initiative project. Previously she managed the education and faculty development programs for the Department of Family Medicine at CWRU School of Medicine. Her educational background is in evaluation and measurement.

Tyreno SowellTryreno Sowell, Sr.

Director for Education & Diversity — CWRU

Tryreno Sowell directs the education and diversity programs for CLiPS at CWRU. He manages the Polymer Envoys program and coordinates interactions with the associated high schools, the CLiPS affiliate schools, and the summer REU program. He has a background in mathematics and extensive experience coordinating programs for young people that maximize their retention and achievement in school.

Risa HartmanRisa Hartman

Director for Education & Diversity — UT

Risa Hartman oversees the Center’s educational activities at the University of Texas (Austin). She comes with an extensive background in managing youth and family activities at the YMCA in the Seattle area.

CLiPS’s Education Program Group

Layered Research Teams

Picture11CLiPS educational programs, like its research, are organized around the concept of Layered Research Teams.

As team members, the students experience increasing levels of responsibility and complexity of assignments as they progress in their education

As a team member gains experience, he or she mentors those as the beginning of the pipeline

At the graduate level, responsibility increases not only from a research perspective. but also from a management perspective in terms of lab time and personal interactions

These teams fulfill the definition of successful “learning communities” that have been documented as an important component in student retention.