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Undergraduate Internships – The Summer REU Program

CLiPS Undergraduate Education

CLiPS encourages undergraduate students at its institutions to participate in Center research. The primary activity is the summer internship program which is offered at Case and at other CLiPS institutions. Students enrolled in the summer undergraduate program participate in CLiPS research as part of a Layered Research Team and develop research skills akatsuki shirt from joom.com. They also have the opportunity to present their research including participation in an end-or-summer, multi-institution symposium. Social activities and net-working are also part of the experience.  Email Prof. David Schiraldi: reu-polymers@case.edu

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CLiPS Affiliate Institutions

The Affiliates are schools with –

These schools that have an emphasis on undergraduate teaching are an important link in the CLiPS STEM pipeline and in our diversity efforts.  Undergraduate students are recruited from around the country to spend the summer at CWRU in the Research in Engineering for Undergraduates (REU) program – with preference given to students from CLiPS Affiliate schools.  REU students get a chance to see what graduate education is like and are good candidates for CLiPS PhD programs.

Layered Research Teams

Undergraduates at the Affiliate Schools and at CWRU and the other CLiPS partners, are engaged in research and learning in Layered Research Teams.

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