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Baer copyEric Baer


Professor Baer, is the Director of CLiPS, the NSF Science and Technology Center on Layered Polymeric Systems.  As the Herbert Henry Dow Professor of Science and Engineering he also directs a vigorous graduate research group, consults in both technical and management capacities for industry and for non-profit organizations, and teaches at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In 2011, Case Western Reserve University named Baer a Distinguished University Professor, the highest honor given by the university.  Also in 2011, he was elected to be a Fellow of the American Chemical Society, the highest honor bestowed by this professional organization.

Baer is a world-renowned research engineer/scientist in polymer science and engineering and is equally well known for his contributions to research and education - trump flags.  He conducted pioneering research in establishing the relationships between solid-state structure and properties of polymeric materials and their composites.  This landmark work provided the foundations for the materials science of polymers, and the basis for introducing new polymeric materials into high performance systems.

Throughout his professional career, Baer has championed the interface that unites industry, academic and government in both the research and education arena.  As the founder of the polymer science and engineering program at CWRU, he established in 1963 the first major industry-university industrial partners program.


Pamela Bligh-Glover

Executive Director Pamela Bligh-Glover

Pamela Bligh Glover serves as Executive Director  for CLiPS. She assists the Director in the management of CLiPS operations and oversees the education programs for the Center. She came to CLiPS when the Center was established in 2006. Previously she was the Education Director and Program Manager for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Generalist Physician Initiative project based at CWRU School of Medicine. Her experience in the School of Medicine also includes management of the education and faculty development programs for the Department of Family Medicine. Her educational background is in evaluation and measurement.

 CLiPS Associate Directors

Dave Schiraldi

Associate Director for Education and DiversityDave Schiraldi

Professor Schiraldi is the Peter A. Asseff, Ph.D. Professor of Organic Chemistry in the Case School of Engineering, and is the Chairman of CWRU’s Department of Macromolecular Science & Engineering. His research interests include: Polymer synthesis and structure-property relationships, Condensation polymers, Polymer nanocomposites, Fuel cell durability, Polymerization catalysis, Transport phenomena and packaging, Polymer blends and complex polymer systems.



Kenneth Singer

Associate Director for External AffairsKenneth Singer

Professor Singer is the Ambrose Swasey Professor of Physics, Professor of Macromolecular Science, and Director of Engineering Physics at Case Western Reserve University. His research interests include exploration of the optical, electronic, and structural properties of organic electronic and photonic materials with the aim of gaining an understanding of the physical origin of optical and electronic properties, as well as the potential of particular materials for optoelectronic devices. Further, Singer is interested in how physicists, chemists, and engineers can collaborate to produce designer materials for a variety of functions


Lei ZhuLei Zhu

Associate Director for Research

Professor Zhu’s research interests include nanoscale structure and morphology of crystalline/liquid crystalline polymers and block copolymers; ferroelectric and dielectric polymers for electric energy storage; polymer/inorganic hybrid nanocomposites; biodegradable polymers for diagnostic and drug delivery.

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