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Platform I

CLiPS Rheology & New ProcessingThe Rheology and New Processing Platform complements and extends the CLiPS multi-layer processing capabilities to enable the fabrication of hierarchical microlayered and nanolayered complex polymer-based structures and systems. Platform 1 researchers are designing and employing new feedblocks and multiplier dies in their work, as well as developing the capability to accurately simulate multi-layered flows inside this new equipment.

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Platform II

CLiPS Membranes and Transport PhenomenaFundamental understanding of transport phenomena in micro and nano layered systems will be developed by performing systematic experimental and modeling studies to identify the dominant controlling structural variables. This understanding of fundamental transport phenomena will be used to design and optimize unique layered systems for food and electronic packaging, drug delivery and diagnostic devices. Layered material systems will be optimized to exhibit transport-property profiles that may be otherwise inaccessible.

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Platform III

CLiPS Optic and Electronic SystemsMultilayer polymer films may have a number of interesting optical and electronic applications that are being investigated in this project. Some projects exploit the optical interference effects inherent in these one-dimensional photonic crystal structures. Such effects include the slowing down of light near the photonic bandgap edge which has allowed us to construct high performance surface emitting dye lasers.

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Platform IV

scitechinnovActivities in Platform IV are directed toward innovation with the multilayer coextrusion process to create new polymeric structures. Additional activities aim to identify, characterize, and utilize in novel ways the unique properties of the polymer interphase within microlayers and nanolayers.

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Platform V

Platform VActivities in Platform V are directed towards templated and interfacial reactions – chemistry using templates, interfaces, and patterning to discover new phenomena and introduce new or responsive properties in multilayer films.

Additional activities aim to introduce new materials within microlayers, nanolayers and nanofibers, their conversion or

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