Platform I

Leader: João Maia

The Rheology and New Processing Platform complements and extends the CLiPS multi-layer processing capabilities to enable the fabrication of hierarchical microlayered and nanolayered complex polymer-based structures and systems. Platform I researchers are designing and employing new feedblocks and multiplier dies in their work, as well as developing the capability to accurately simulate multi-layered flows inside this new equipment.

CLiPS Rheology & New Processing

Some of the projects in Platform I include:

New Microstructures

The goal of the new microstructures  project is to develop fibers and/or fibrillar structures, to which purpose research is being performed in the production of checkered 2D structures and in post-extrusion layer delamination.

Extended Rheological Characterization

The extended rheological characterization project is focused on the development of a new dual controlled stress/rate extensional rheometer for polymer melts that will allow CLiPS to perform the full spectrum of rheological characterization of the materials.

extensional rheometer


Computational Flow Modeling

This ability to fully model the viscoelastic behavior of the polymers is a critical aspect of the computational flow modeling project.  The aim of this project is to simulate the flow of co-extruded materials in different feedblocks and multiplying dies.

compfla compflb_0

Layering of Rheologically Dissimilar Materials

The layering of rheologically dissimilar materials  project is devoted to the optimization of processing conditions and die flow geometry to allow the layering of materials of highly dissimilar rheological behavior. In order to achieve this and to understand the kinetics of propagation of flow instabilities, a visualization die with the same channel geometry as the current multiplying die has been developed.

Layering of Rheologically Dissimilar Materials

Layering of Multiphase Materials

The aim of this project is to develop the computational simulation and experimental processing tools to allow the micro and nano-layering of complex multiphase polymeric materials, such as foams, blends and nanocomposites.

Layering of Multiphase Materials