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  1. Revisiting the Powers of Ten

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    At the Envoys meeting we viewed the video clip from Cosmic Connections on the Powers of Ten.  This video reinforced Jessica’s session about units of measure and scientific notation.  I think it would be even more interesting to see the entire film in an IMAX setting.  Still, this one is interesting.  Turn up the volume on your computer and enjoy the show!

  2. The Scale of Things

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    I have an application on my phone that tells me not only the phase of the moon, but how far away the moon is from the earth on any given day.  It tells me the distance in miles and kilometers. It even tells me how many Eiffel Towers it is from the earth to the moon.

    I love things like that.  I am a fan of the Charles Eames film, the Powers of Ten.  If you are not familiar with this classic, I recommend it and you can see it here.

    I came across an interesting and related  infographic the other day on LiveScience.  I think that it also is a fascinating look at the scale of things on earth, man made and natural.